Baby Laughs At Mom Eating Watermelon


Children’s laughter is the most sincere and contagious.

Just listen to this gorgeous baby laughing loudly when his mommy eats watermelon. When you hear his laughter, it’s hard to hold back a smile. If you are sad, watch this video urgently! It’s 100% will not leave you in a bad mood. Sincere children’s laughter – an unusually pleasant sound, especially if you hear it from your child!

It seems that your little one was born just recently and began to look around with surprised eyes. Mom’s affectionate touch caused his first smile and sounds … And now you are looking forward when the child starts to laugh in the voice, and not just to make joyful sounds.

A newborn child during the first month of his life almost all the time sleeps – so he adapts to life outside the mother’s womb.

At the age of about a month, he becomes more sociable and begins to show interest in the world around him. The first manifestation of the joy of a small researcher is a smile, usually addressed to the beloved mother.

Later, in conjunction with the voice creates some semblance of laughter. In how many months do the children start to laugh really, in the voice? Clear standards are not here, but usually the first laughter from the child is heard in his 3-5 months.

Neurologists point out a vague period when children start laughing out loud – 20-30 weeks from birth. Children’s laughter is the most pleasant and cheerful laughter in the world. This acts immediately on everyone with a bad mood and who is sad.