Bear Takes Giant Poop on Hunter’s Head


Things went south in a hurry for this hunter in one of the crappiest hunts ever recorded.
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! These hunters had treed a bear, but they didn’t prepare for what followed. The hunter was welcomed with a rude awakening as he stood below and looked up.

In one of the funniest videos we’ve come across in a while, this bear makes it rain with some fresh droppings and splatters a hunter’s clothes. The young man’s friends did what any good friends would do…they laughed hysterically and kept filming.

It wasn’t just a little bit either, as the guy’s bag, clothes and hat were covered in bear scat.

Not sure who ended up getting the last laugh on this day. They may have harvested the bear afterwards, but at the time of this video, the bear wins by a landslide. There aren’t many people who can say they’ve been pooped on by a bear, so he should consider himself lucky, right?

Ironically, the video states that it was the last day of bear season in Maine. It was one crappy last day for sure.