Bird Hears Owner Tapping On Drum, Marches Over & Puts On Show


If there is any creature on earth who can appreciate music like we do, it has to be birds. Known to fill summer mornings with their beautiful, melodious song, birds are a musically inclined species by nature.

Whether they are actually communicating with each other or simply singing, we will never know. But one thing is clear – for being such a small creature, birds sure have some vocals! Their lungs are quite powerful.

While we’ve all heard them chirp, not many of us have had the pleasure to hear them play the drums. That is, until now.

Meet Mr. Inko, a Japanese cockatiel with a fond love for percussion. One morning, his owner was tapping away at a miniature drum set when Mr. Inko responded in a way no one expected. Who knew that a bird could do this?

As the video begins and his human begins tapping away at the drum, Mr. Inko is instantly mesmerized. He perks up with excitement and immediately hops over. He makes an effort to check this out, but then surprises everyone with what he does next.

The little cockatiel instantly responds to the sounds – reacting to the rhythm in his own special way. It’s hard to watch his reaction without laughing, as he marches right over to the drum with a plan.

Taking over for his owner, he does something absolutely adorable. The video just keeps getting better and better, as he reacts to his human’s every move. You have to watch this little bird’s awesome antics.

It is an absolute joy to see this little bird having so much fun. His owner gets a kick out of Mr. Inko’s latest moves, but so do viewers who have checked him out on his viral video.

Watch the hilarious scene unfold in the video below. He’s so adorable!