Check Out as This Gorgeous Parrot Talks to Her Kids. This Is the Sweetest Video Ever!


Parrots are incredible creatures. They are one of the most interesting species of birds in the world — not only because of their beauty but also because of their impersonating skills. They are remarkable imitators and teaching them new words is always a fun pastime. Not to mention, they are also known to be quite intelligent. In this video, we will surprise several parrots at once. Adult and quite small chicks establish contact.

If earlier the breeding of parrots was done only by the breeders, now many owners of these wonderful birds decide on this step. Of course, they want the process of the birth of small parakeets passed before their eyes. So how does this really happen? Parrots are increasingly being bred at home. This became a kind of enthusiasm for breeders. But along with this, a lot of information should be learned about how to care for and what to give to exotic birds.

This will help the chicks not only to survive but also to become healthy, cheerful parrots. The sight of the hatched little parrots is pathetic and helpless. They are born blind, practically naked — only a light, almost invisible fuzz covers their bodies. Kids feel cold and get cold from the cold. Almost all the time they spend lying on my stomach — it’s so warm. For almost 2 weeks with the kids, there is a female always feeding them. After the first week, small chicks open their eyes.

Toddlers grow very quickly, and the male is connected to the feeding. The fluff that covered the babies becomes denser, while the bare ones have an easy, gentle edge. At the end of the second week the female is already gradually beginning to absent herself and for the time being to leave her children. Very interesting is the way that the female feeds them in the first 7-8 days of life. The chicks have large, heavy heads that they can not lift up to feed on the mother’s beak.

Therefore, the female with its hooked hind leg captures the nestling, turns it on its back and in this position drains the first drops of food into its throat. First, the female feeds the chicks alone, and only by the end of the first week does the male join it, which only fed the female before. Small parrots of small species are ready for independent life in 3–4 weeks. Nestlings of large complete independence from parents acquire by 2–3, 5 months.

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