Couple Goes To Open House. Their Hearts Drop When They See Family Photos On The Counter.


Moving into a new home can be both intimidating and exciting. Do you ever just walk into a random under-construction home or an open house with no intention to purchase a new home and just too look around? One elderly couple did the latter when they explored a local open house that had recently sold.

The couple commented on the home and complimented its many features. However, when they walked into the kitchen, they couldn’t believe their eyes. On the counter were dozens of personal photographs spread around, but they weren’t just any photographs; they looked familiar, but the couple did not place them there. How could this be?!

A furniture-less, sold open house plus personal family photos on the kitchen counter could only mean one thing: someone in the family was about to move into that very home!

Next thing you know, the couple’s grandson and son follow them onto the outdoor patio to greet them. “You guys are going to give me a heart attack,” said the elderly man as he hugged his grandson.

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