Cowboy’s DUI Takes Hysterical Twist That Leaves Officer Speechless


One intoxicated cowboy experienced quite the night when his shaky drive home caught the attention of a nearby cop, prompting the officer to pull over the suspected drunk driver and embark on an arrest she can never forget!

Upon pulling stopping the vehicle, the officer cautiously approached the driver’s window and struck up a conversation about the man’s evening.

“How ya doing’?” the officer asked with a stern, and clearly skeptical, tone. The man assured the woman that he was “great”, even asking how she herself was feeling!

“I’m not so good ‘cuz you were weaving all over the road there.” Before the cop was able to press on with an investigation or further questions, the man interrupted with a sharp, “Well, can we get one thing straight? I have not been drinking!”
The scene cuts to the man standing outside the vehicle before the officer, following her instructions to slowly alternate his hands to touch the tip of his nose. After acing his first task, the cop orders the man to recite the alphabet backward instructed to begin at the letter Z and continue until reaching A.

In an unexpected turn in events, the cowboy is exceptionally well-versed in this procedure, quickly and effortlessly naming each letter in reverse order. Knocking the sobriety test out of the park, the cop admitted, “Remarkable. I’ve actually never seen anybody do that.”

Seeing that his mental stability was intact, the officer began to administer a balance test, asking the man to successfully walk a straight line directly before him.

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