Dad And Daughter Turn On Radio And Hit Record


When you become the step-parent of a child, you may feel like you need to work that bit harder to win their approval. But for this super cool step-dad he has never had a problem forming a bond with his wife’s daughter.

Cole and his step-daughter, Everleigh, are thick as thieves and their adorable Youtube videos capture their antics. The family have a thriving Youtube channel with over 600 million views across their videos and it’s easy to see why; their positivity is infectious!

One day, Cole and Everleigh decided to make a video without mom. Wanting to channel their wacky nature and show to the world their loving bond, the duo compiled a carpool karaoke. But this wasn’t just any karaoke session. It was a session that involved a handful of their favourite songs, complete with costumes and all!

As they sit in the car in their regular clothes, Everleigh asks the loaded question: “Hey dad, wanna listen to the radio?”

As dad switches on the radio, the scene suddenly changes to a bright pink, feathery extravaganza as the pair magically appear wearing ‘fancy dress’ and begin miming to ‘Our Song’ by Taylor Swift.

As the video goes on, they sing along to a range of popular music, changing costumes every time to match the song genre. The pair are clearly loving every second and it’s wonderful to see a step-dad and his step-daughter enjoying spending time together so much. It looks like they’re having a blast and I couldn’t help but smile as they goofily danced their way through the infectious video.

I bet you can’t watch this video without smiling and without your heart swelling to twice its size!

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