Dad’s Hilarious Showdown With Icy Driveway Has Wife Cracking Up


Between freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, getting through the winter months can be quite difficult. Thankfully, laughter can warm us up from the inside, out!

And while we’d rather not admit it, sometimes a good giggle at a loved one’s expense can be the best (and quickest) way to get toasty. A U.K. mom learned just that when she asked her husband to take the trash out on an especially chilly morning. She had no idea the simplest request would leave her in stitches!

When Mom saw just what was happening, she whipped out her camera, determined to catch the entire interaction on film.

Her husband Alun Miles can be seen trying to move his trash bin from one section of his driveway to the curb… there’s just one small problem. The driveway is covered with a thin layer of black ice.

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