Dinner With Cat Around


This cat is sure that everything that is in a plate of its owner, has to belong to it. The behavior of your family pet often surprise you, and some of the features of the cat cause numerous issues. Their behavior cats often try to communicate with us, but we, people, rarely capable understand the, that us try to say these clever animals.

Learn about the usual features of cat behavior, which has an interesting explanation. The presence of constant hunger in cats is called polyphagia. Moreover, the term implies a violation of food behavior, if before the appearance of such a symptom was all right.

This does not apply to those animals whose owners simply underfeed their Pets, not really paying attention to them and don’t care about them. To replenish the lost energy requires more nutrients. Possible help will be vitamin and mineral supplements to the daily diet. Perhaps they are not enough youngsters, and to obtain the necessary amounts of vitamins, the cat tries to eat twice the normal serving.

Violation of the absorption of nutrients may indicate not only the innate features of a particular individual, but also the presence of diseases such as intestinal cancer, exocrine insufficiency, intestinal inflammation. The hunger will be present in parallel with the rapid loss of weight.