Dog Sees Tiny Kitten Having Trouble With The Stairs


Dog breed German shepherd are a great watchmen and guards. But, in addition, they are also the gentlest and caring animals! The desire to protect the weak from the shepherds in the blood. Look like a big dog helps to climb the ladder a tiny kitten! German sheep-dogs strong, confident and resolute dogs.

They are fearless defenders and loyal friends. Once the German shepherd has recognized you as my master, she will always try to please you and fight for you to death, and to this end it has enough power and determination. German sheep-dogs several cautious relatives to strangers and usually requires some time, to their vigilance weakened.

These dogs are always on guard, they will not miss anything from what is happening around, so they make great guards. Having established a relationship with the German shepherd, it will be a great companion for you. Although many people associate this breed exclusively with dogs, which are used for protection and often do not know that German shepherds can be wonderful family Pets if properly trained.

Thus, German sheep-dogs and reliable guards, and loving Pets at the same time. They are well combined with children, as well as with other animals. They should never be left alone for a very long time because they need constant human interaction.