Farmer’s Footage Give Inside Look At Free Range Chicken Farm


After getting a glimpse into the lives of free-range chickens at Otaika Valley – it may encourage you to read egg labels a little closer.

If you are a lover of breakfast food, than you know that there’s a wide-variety of eggs sold in the grocery store. The differences between the packages (besides the price) is based upon how the chickens are raised. Unfortunately, the cheapest eggs tend to come from caged-chickens, who live a stressed life contained in a small cage. Another type of eggs are labeled cage-free. While these eggs come from chickens that are allowed to roam out of a cage – usually it’s only in a facility, and not in the outdoors.

Then there are free-range chickens… Not only do these animals live their lives without cages, but they are also allowed to be outside in nature. And does this make a big difference for the farm animal? Well, just seeing how happy and healthy the chickens at Otaika Valley are, it’s easy to conclude that their quality of life is much higher than others. So, the next time you are deciding which eggs to buy for breakfast – consider showing your support against the inhumane treatment of chickens by buying ones with the free-range label!