Fast-food Employee Takes Time To Feed Man With Disability In Viral Video


A woman at a mall food court in Salvador, Brazil witnessed a touching moment of a fast-food employee feeding a disabled diner and her video has gone viral.

While sitting in the food court, Laurinha Victória noticed a Giraffas employee bring a seated customer his food. When the employee saw that the man was having difficulty using his arms, he sat next to him and helped him eat.

Laurinha was so moved, she decided to video record the act of kindness. She wrote: “Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes,” Victória wrote in her caption (translated by Facebook). “That’s the real charity, what a beautiful thing. I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having.. God bless you.”

It didn’t take long for the video to rack up over 20 million views and go viral throughout the world. Many people could not help but praise the young man for restoring their faith in humanity.

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