Giant horse acting unusual


This horse never moved away from the fence, and the owner wondered what she saw there. So he started filming. The unusual friendship between animals is a phenomenon that most of us have seen. Cats and parrots, dogs and cats, hamsters and rats — for touching communication these little animals very curiously watch.

The horse, despite its respectable size and appearance of strength, is also unable to show friendly feelings to other animals and even to understand their “language”. Thanks to this, horses can build relationships with the animals that surround them. Friendly horses and dogs have a place to be, even in spite of serious obstacles — partially opposite body language.

In particular, the horses beat the tail in the case when they want to Express displeasure with anything. And the wagging tail from the dogs means unsaturated and sincere joy. While horses and dogs can not just tolerate and endure each other, but happy to “chat”.

Especially if they grew up together and had enough time to learn the language of “comrade”. The relationship of horses with cats even more warm and not disturbed by any difficulties. Their languages similar, and mutual understanding these animals find enough easily. In particular, forward-looking ears, both in cats and horses Express friendliness, and the beating and swaying tail — displeasure.