Goat Man Story Causes News Anchor to Lose it on Air


When a news anchor finds herself reporting on a goat man, it’s all a bit too much for her on-air composure to take.

Being a news anchor can be a difficult job. Not only do you have to cover emotionally difficult topics, but you constantly work under tight timelines and are expected to be flawless, especially when reporting live. Every news anchor slips up now and then, but when this anchor reports a story about a goat man, she absolutely loses it.

Now to be fair, this story is out there.

This man decided he wanted to live as a goat, so he had prosthetics made so that he could live with a goat herd and immerse himself in their lives. Sure, the prosthetics look a bit odd, but the helmet is probably what put things over the top. Or maybe it’s the footage of the man grazing among the goat herd.

The news anchor does a good job of holding things together – for a while. But then as she gets further into the report, things start to go awry.

Take a look.