Grandpa Hits the Dance Floor While Celebrating His 100th Anniversary!


A long-liver is a person who is distinguished by longevity. People aged 90 and over are considered long-livers. Long-livers are found in all countries, but there are places where they are found more often. Among such countries is the United States. Although it is commonly believed that people live longer in Japan than in most countries of the world. In September 2016, there were 44,449 Japanese who crossed the age of 100 years.

And women among the long-livers the vast majority. I wonder how it to be a long-liver. For so many years you can see a lot of different events. You can see the birth of not only your children and grandchildren, but also great-grandchildren. It’s so interesting.

Among such people it is necessary to highlight Morris Rovick, known as “Swede” to friends and family. In 2016 on December 17 he turned 100 years old! This cool old man lives with his family in Charleston, South Carolina.

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