Gymnast almost lost his balance


If you want to do anything in life well, you need to be able to be really dedicated towards it. Be it academics, art or sports—everything requires commitment from one’s side. Like any other thing, sports are really difficult to master. It requires hours upon hours of practice every day for years to master any kind of sport. Gymnasts have to undergo grueling training every day to keep their bodies light and nimble.

Perhaps that is why the following video will come as a bit of a shock for viewers. A gymnast got in front of the crowd to perform a routine on the uneven bars. But this is not an ordinary performance. This is a performance by Paul Hunt. He has been teaching gymnastics since 1974. While teaching, he also formed his own brand of comedy, and you’re going to absolutely love him for it!

This video was taken at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1981. He was touring with triple gold medal winner, Nadia Comăneci at the time. That’s when he decided to give the audience a good dose of laughter. He came up dressed in a pink leotard, and even had pigtails to boot! Then he proceeded to pull off the clumsiest routine, but it left everyone in hysterics!

He must have had to practice a lot to get these moves right. Either way, it was a unique and fun performance indeed.

Check out this amazing clip below: