Handsome Cop Steals the Show with His Awesome Salsa Dance Moves. Have a Look.


In Los Angeles, a member of the local traffic police department, following the order at the Cuban American Music festival, decided to join the participants and danced incendiary salsa. His colleagues say that even they were surprised by the officer’s dancing abilities. Everyone knows this excellent, passionate style of dance that attracts all true connoisseurs of Cuban culture. It is a sultry, burning, explosive and temperamental dance.

This Latin American dance took its start on the island of eternal happiness and fun – Cuba. Passionate, hot and very exciting, but long overdue to be exotic in many countries of the world. ‘Salsa mania’ has engulfed millions of people from different corners of the globe, thanks to the fact that this direction allows not only to splash accumulated emotions by putting them into motion but also to maintain the body in excellent form.

Energetic pas, passionate slopes, figures, ascents – all this gives partners some connection that can’t be compared with any other sensations. The music under which salsa is performed is a combination of Cuban, North American, South American and Caribbean rhythms.

They are all very energetic, exciting and, no doubt can decorate any holiday, party or festival. That is why the musical direction and the dance itself were called ‘salsa’, in honor of the sauce, which is ideal for almost all dishes of local cuisine and adds spice to even the most ordinary food. But this is only one of the versions of the origin of the ‘name’.

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