He Thought It Was Spectacular When A Hummingbird Landed – But Then This Happened


Bryan Chapman noticed a group of hummingbirds in his yard, so he filled up his cup. To his surprise, they stuck around. Seeing the amazing sight made him want to get a closer view. So, his first plan was to fill a red solo cup with sugar water and see how they might respond.

If he was lucky, maybe one would come closer, but he was shocked when a little group came by. The nourishment of the sweet water had them sticking around for as long as he would be still enough to allow them to stay. Their tiny forms hovered over the cup, and they took turns feeding from the water. The hummingbirds were so comfortable that they actually perched on Bryan’s hand as he patiently watched them feed.

Their sweet singing made a joyous noise as the mid-afternoon snack gave them lots of energy. Bryon was amazed at their beauty, and didn’t mind them staying. It didn’t take long at all for the entire group of hummingbirds to make their rounds until they were all full. Usually only 2 or 3 would stay at a time, but they all had their turn.