Heartbreaking Moment: Cow Asks Man to Rescue Her Newborn Calf. Have a Look.


Flo is a beautiful cow that lives on a farm and prefers to spend her time on the lush green pastures that are located next to the country road. She is hanging out together with other animals and is allowed to cool off by drinking water from the nearby pool. According to the owners of the farm, Flo is an energetic creature, who can roam around the area all day long, but of course, like any other cow, she prefers to be among the herd, communicating with her friends and other inhabitants of the pasture.

The animal recently gave birth to a calf of her own, but the baby was born on a steep slope with the pond next to it. The little one ended up sliding down and getting himself trapped under the fence that surrounds the area. We cannot say how long the poor baby was lying there, but it seems like mama cow has no opportunity to get him out of the trap.

The calf is now outside the field, and to be reunited with his mommy, the baby needs assistance from the side. The animal has made attempts to free himself on his own, but you will see that the electric fence makes it impossible. Dave was walking down the road and thinking about the beauty of the nature around him when he saw that one of the cows that can be spotted roaming the pasture seems really agitated.

The man wanted to record the whole process before he knew that the little one was in trouble, but then he noticed that the female cow was making loud noises and scraping the ground. Dave guessed that this is not the typical behavior for a cow that is having a great time on the pasture, so he rushed for help, setting camera on the fence post and trying to figure out what he can do to solve the issue.

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