Heavy Snow Shuts Down The Zoo


Awesome video about elephants caught in winter for the first time! Look at it to the end. Every season is beautiful in its own way. With the exception of not getting even winter. Because only in winter you can see the white, cold and fluffy snow. Both adults and children love to play a variety of active winter games, ride with slides, make a snowman, in General, have fun.

Animals also do not remain indifferent to such a beautiful winter gift. Polar bears and seals love to play and frolic in the Arctic snow, even in zoos they organize the whole snow hills. And what will happen with the animal that never saw a real winter with snow. For example, such an animal is an elephant.

If you watch this video, you can easily answer this question. When the elephant first in my life I saw snow, most likely, he was in utter disbelief. He didn’t understand what it is and why you need it. But soon even the elephant was very happy snow.

You just look at him, he is happy, he plays fun and studies such an interesting, but completely unfamiliar phenomenon to him, like snow. Winter is a wonderful time of year, despite the snow, snowstorm and severe frosts! In winter, nature rests and sleeps under the warm blanket of snow.

Even birds move to warmer climes. Snow-white beauty of winter can be admired endlessly. That fluffy, sparkling in the sun snow or frost on the window in the morning… But the most beautiful is snow! Even animals from the Oregon zoo were not indifferent to the fallen snow.