Hippo emerges out of the water


Farting in public is often regarded as a taboo subject. Many people forget that it is actually a very natural process. It is hard to accept isn’t it? But when you see how this hippo in the clip below embraces it, you are going to be in total hysterics!

This flashy hippo is not in the least bit shy and his antics are really funny to watch.

He is named Harry and he is not scared of anything. Many people were gathered around his enclosure to take a close look at him.

When Harry came out of the water, everyone scooped in even closer. But then Harry let one rip! A big one! Many people have even commented that his fart sounds like a lawnmower or a chainsaw. But it didn’t end there. Wait till you see what happened next!

Watch this hilarious moment below! Did this crack you up? Let us know in the comments section!