Honey Badger Keeps Outsmarting Humans, They Finally Capture His Escapes On Camera


We don’t always think animals are as smart as they can really be. I know I’m guilty of thinking that I can trick my dog into going to the vet without him knowing where we’re actually headed. He always starts howling when he recognizes the vet’s neighborhood. But it’s not just dogs, all animals have an instinct and are intelligent in their own ways.

Animals are often much smarter than we give them credit for, and watching them prove this point is always good fun. But WOW! Tie a helmet to your head because your mind is about to be blown. Stoffel is a honey badger that lives at the Moholoholo Rehab Center in South Africa.

He is under the care of Brian Jones, a wildlife conservationist, but Stoffel is not too thrilled with the idea of being in an enclosed space.

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