Hungry Bear Put His Head Through Man’s Window


Growing up, we’ve all been told to stay wary of wild animals. After all, they are ruled purely by instinct. If you come across predators, their first instinct is to attack you and eat you up! But occasionally, you come across some a miraculous instance in nature. Some wild animals have been reported to get along marvelously with humans. You might have seen some of these stories on the internet—no matter how many stories you see though, you can’t help but marvel!

The following story is no different. This video was taken in an area in Siberia. A workman’s house was visited by a very unusual creature. It was a massive bear! Despite being a dangerous predator, this particular bear was really gentle.

He stuck his head in through the window to greet the elderly man. He seems to be a regular there, because all he was asking for was treats!

The man immediately knew, and he handed the bear some food. The bear ate it without fussing too much. He nibbled away and looked happy as can be. This was a scene straight out of a fable or fairy tale, don’t you agree? Woodland creatures visiting houses and getting chummy with the residents definitely sounds like its straight out of a story!

Check out this amazing video below: