Husband Describes The Smell Of A Woman He Encountered


The man came back from the store and made fun of 6 million users. He’s just terrified of what kind of woman he ran into. Unfortunately, our “inner world” is absolutely nothing like a flower bed, and each body exudes its smell. A person as a whole and each organ has an aura, which manifests itself not only in the light-color environment of the shell, but also in the smell.

Taoist master, practicing traditional Chinese healing arts, rooted in the depths of centuries, can diagnose the disease based solely on his olfactory apparatus. During energy practices and in the process of energy interaction of two or more people, channels are opened through which energy circulates, and the smell of disease or several diseases becomes especially noticeable.

If to consider sex not only as process of receiving pleasure, then even it is terrible to imagine what stream of miasmas can escape from our depths at peak of passion! It would seem that the problem is hopeless. However, there is no situation from which it would be impossible to find at least one way out. So how do you protect yourself from age-related smell?

First, about old age and horrors of the smoldering organism it is necessary to reflect not then, code sex with the chosen one already reduced to zero. To discourage a loved one from the body very quickly. Return his sexual interest-very difficult. First of all, quit Smoking. Remember that our lungs don’t smell like violets.