Jennifer Lopez Shows Funny Moves on Jimmy Fallon Show. Watch And Enjoy!


What do you do when you’re a late-night anchor person and your visitor has a rear so celebrated that sensationalist newspapers once announced she had taken out a protection approach on it? At the point when Jennifer Lopez and her derriere halted by “The Tonight Show” on Monday, he place her in some tight jeans.

In 2012, Will Ferrell appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” wearing a blindingly some tight jeans and singing a return tune about how extraordinary he looked in those tight jeans. Fallon went along with him and they had one of the silliest productions Fallon at any point publicized. (Which is stating something).

Ferrell wasn’t around on Monday, yet J.Lo wore her some tight white jeans and midsection top. What’s more, she looked a mess superior to Ferrell, who tolerantly saved us the waist top. Other than the melody, which was the same, the draw was for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to the one of every 2012.

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