Lion Gets Revenge On Trophy Hunters


Two trophy hunters in South Africa who posed behind a lion they killed got an unpleasant surprise (video below).

The duo learned the hard way that to shoot and kill exotic animals may not be worth the risk.

In the video, the couple sets up a camera to pose for the perfect shot of them with the lion they had killed.

After posing for a few shots, the man starts walking to the camera to shut it off, when the woman notices something terrifying — another lion is approaching, and he is not happy.

The video ends with the hunters running out of frame, leaving what happens next up to the viewers’ imagination, although what is assumed a gun being fired can be heard.

Since being uploaded, users have debated whether or not the video is genuine. Some have pointed out irregularities that lead them to believe that the incident may have faked.

“When the woman gets behind the lion, the contrast between them is off, as if it’s on a green screen,” one user wrote.

“You can tell it’s CGI due to the crappy shadows,” another commenter wrote.

Former NYPD analyst Conor McCourt told Inside Edition: “I think it is a fake.” He also said, “In the shadows we are having issues with the lion

in the foreground and the dead lion on the ground, there are issues whether they are from the same camera.”