Little Cockatoo Plays With Daddy


The animal owners know that feeling when you come home after a long day and discover that your dearest pets are already waiting for you. However, you will be surprised when you see the actions of the parrot below. He is so overjoyed to witness the coming of his dad that he can’t hide his emotions. The insane amount of love is going to lift your mood for the entire day, and you have to meet the hero of the today’s footage.

Baby Onni is so adorable that we don’t know if it is possible to watch him without the fuzzy feeling inside. This bird knows that his family loves him, and he will do his best to answer with the same gestures of affection. He has some kind of internal clock that allows the little one to estimate the approximate time of the man’s arrival, and when that happens, he is rushing forward to greet the guy.

Below, you will see the man entering the house and climbing the stairs as Onni watches him in awe. The lady is recording the funny bird on camera, and we think that he is a true star of the episode, since he lets the guy know how he feels about him and his homecoming.

According to the owners, this happens every time the parrot understands that the guy is about to come from work and enter the door, and though they don’t know about the thinking process of their friend, they are sure that his level of intelligence should not be underestimated. You will be laughing out loud when you witness how Onni is calling out for daddy.

He wants him to be home as soon as possible, and this is enough to make anyone smile for hours. Parrots are known for their communication talents that allow these birds to interact with anyone they meet, and the same can be said about Onni.

He is the epitome of kindness and cuddliness, and the man is dropping on one knee to give him a hug and a kiss when he goes through the door. The excitement that is written on the bird’s face is so obvious that you will be cracking up the second you watch the footage on the screen. This is an episode that certainly takes the cake when we are talking about something that is related to the actions of our house pets.

They never cease to surprise us, and if you thought that parrots are not capable of expressing their emotions the same way dogs and cats do, you need to watch the footage below. The exclusive clip was kindly provided by those, who are taking care of Onni and making sure that he stays happy and healthy.

They tell him that he is an unusual bird, and you will surely agree with the statement as soon as you press play. This is the kind of interaction that needs to be used as an example if we want to illustrate the relationships between humans and birds, and Onni is nothing short of sweet. Watch this cutie pie now and prepare to be taken aback. He knows that he is the audience’s favorite, and he is using it to his advantage!