Little Monkey Rides the Mini Pig


This baby monkey is indeed special. He is being kept in a sanctuary together with his new friend, and when you see them together, you will be amazed. The caretakers did not know whether the little one is going to interact with other animals when he first arrived, because the pet was shy and tried to keep at a safe distance.

It could be a sign of his previous experience, but the handlers did their best to encourage the little one to get to know other inhabitants of the place. At first, they had no idea if that was going to work out, but after a while, they noticed that the monkey has finally made friends with one of the animals at the center.

However, they didn’t expect it to be a pig. Now, the two mates are regularly hanging out together. The handlers say that they are sticking just like magnets and we would not be overreaching if we say that the pair is pretty much inseparable. The monkey loves to climb on his new friend’s back, and it seems that the pig is giving a ride willingly.

They share their sleeping space as well, and though it is known that most animals are wary about their comfort zones and won’t let anybody come close if they are not sure about their intentions, the pair below will come across as an exception to the rules. Both the pig and the monkey can’t get enough of each other’s company, that’s why we think that we will be watching them again in the future.

The handlers are recording the relationship between the duo on camera, and when you see that the monkey has a great time on the back of his friend, you will understand that this is true love and there is nothing that can be done about it. People, who are working at the center, say that they have tried to separate the buddies from the start and put them into different enclosures.

But that proved to be a reckless idea since the monkey would literally start to panic whenever he saw that his friend is away. He would be running around the area and calling for his mate, and you will notice the similar moment below. When the little one fell asleep, the caretakers took the pig for his evening routine and put him in a different place just to see the reaction of his bestie.

When the monkey opens his eyes and witnesses that there is no one around, he is so confused that his eyes become big and scared. After a few seconds, the animal is already running around the enclosure and exploring every corner in order to find out the location of his friend.

It is very touching since it shows us that there are real truth and honesty in the relationships between different species, that’s why we should not underestimate their ability to find a common language and generally behave like the most loyal companions in the world. These two have become fast friends, and now they are melting the hearts of the visitors and the fans that are watching them on the screen!