Little white lion cub tries roar


Such a beautiful baby. He’ll soon be the king of beasts. But while he is just learning to growl. Polar bears, white tigers are all from the cold, where these animals can hide in the ice and snow and adapt to climate change.

But there are on light of white lions (Panthera leo krugeri) and live they on really the hot continent, and more precisely in South Africa. Scientists suggest that this species lives in Africa for millennia, but was discovered only a century ago. These animals are no different from their sand-brown counterparts – only wool makes them unique and attracting attention. Panthera leo krugeri – albino, like white rabbits, squirrels and even giraffes.

Their skin does not produce melanin, because they remain white, but their eyes are not always watery-transparent, like albinos, and brown, like ordinary lions. Unfortunately, as is often the case with all the unusual animals, these lions are almost extinct in the wild. If wild Africans do not spare even albino children, literally tearing the killed to “talismans”, what to say about some animals?

Despite this, white lions are not protected by the law, though already in the red book. Therefore, today most of the white population lives in zoos and nature reserves, where they are reduced to “yellow” relatives to somehow restore the number of individuals. But it is expected, such crossing often leads to health problems. However, this is the only chance not to lose this wonderful view.