Man Finds Wild Owl In The Woods


Often the animals suffer because of human activity. It is also thrown out garbage in the nature and various structures and subjects. And well, when in distress, the animal finds the man and helps him! Will brown works for the construction crew. And very often, the site where the work is carried out, fenced.

This is done on purpose in order that no one would accidentally hurt going over the fence. Be it a person or some small animal. But in our history this fence played a cruel joke with the owl. Apparently at night, while hunting, the bird did not notice the mesh and deeply entangled in her wings.

Morning found her will and along with other workers took up a neat release feathered. She was very frightened and did not understand what was happening. And in her eyes, along with fear were cries for help. Look at this miraculous deliverance. They often say that owls “see” with their ears.

They are superior in terms of hearing acuity to all birds and most terrestrial vertebrates, including mammals. So for owls great importance to play their own audio signals. And they are not limited to one ear: they are able to whistle, squeal, make shrill cries, click, grumble and even laugh. So, the cry of snow owls in the North is similar to the screams of seabirds, and dwarf owls, for example, whizz whistle.