Man Makes Snowplow Out Of Lawn Mower And Cardboard Box And It Works Like A Charm


Who wants to clear snow from a driveway? Not only is it laborious, it can be outright dangerous to work in the cold for long periods of time. As the United States grapples with some major snowfall this winter, one Pennsylvania man has taken matters into his own hands.

Kaitlynn Toporzycki posted a video on Facebook of her fiancé, Jonathan Schill, driving his very own makeshift snowplow. Using a standard sitting lawn mower and a large box, Jonathan was able to clear out his driveway with ease. The box previously held the couple’s 50-inch flat-screen television.

Kaitlyn shared the video with the caption, “Gets the job done.” In just a few days, nearly 9 million people had watched the viral video.

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