Man Notices Funny Looking Staircase. Watch The Amazing Thing That Happens When Others Do Too


People are encouraged to take the stairs as a way to sneak more vigorous movement and exercise into their day. So vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen decided to figure out how to entice more people to actually take the stairs.

The solution they came up with was simply brilliant. The company calls it the “fun theory” where they test people’s clever and innovative solutions to dilemmas, such as encouraging more people to wear seat belts and prompting more people to scale the stairs.

The company selected the public transportation system in Odenplan, Stockholm, which is where hoards of people exit throughout the day. They have two options: take the escalator or take the stairs.

So late at night, a group of people snuck into the stairwell and began taping up the stairs. Then, they laid down electronic panels on the concrete steps that resembled the white keys on a piano. They also added the black keys, in essence creating piano stairs.

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