Meet Einstein, the Smartest Parrot Who Will Impress You with His Vocabulary.


Einstein the parrot has always been a genius, and now the people on social media know it, too. The birdie can copy the sounds of human and animal voices together with the ones that the car makes. She can imitate the sound of a spaceship, shoot like a laser and even pretend that she is whistling! This African parrot lives in a zoo in Tennessee. Einstein is already thirty, but she stays clever and intelligent as ever.

Her caretaker and personal trainer showed us what this cutie is capable of. Einstein will knock you off your feet with her impressive vocabulary. She is one of the smartest birds around, and when the video of her was posted, it started going viral. When the trainer asks the bird if she thinks she is famous, she replies with a nod and a hilarious answer!

You will be laughing out loud when you hear how Einstein calls herself. She realizes that people adore her smart ways, that’s why she immediately greets the fans and even stares into the camera for a few seconds. The workers of the zoo claim that this parrot knows more than 200 sounds and can imitate them on command.

She can also recall up to 100 words, and though many of them are really complicated, Einstein is taking the challenge without breaking a sweat. We seriously can’t get enough of this bird, and the more we watch her on the screen, the more delighted we become. It is hard to look away when the parrot is showing off her talents, and this is not the first time she actually poses before the cameras and puts on a show for everyone to enjoy.

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