Meet Einstein, the Smartest Parrot Who Will Impress You with His Vocabulary.


The impressive bird became a celebrity after the performance that was featured on Animal Planet’s. She even appeared on TED talk, where the hosts of the program confessed that this bird is one of a kind. She can pronounce words on her own and babble all day long.

This is something absolutely extraordinary, especially if we take into account that the vocabulary of the parrots can also be limited. This doesn’t relate to the bird below, however, and we think that Einstein deserves a treat after she goes through the talking session together with her caretaker. You need to see how the cutie impersonates a spaceship and a monkey!

She can enter any talent show around the country and emerge a winner. The owner says that she is serenading to her in the evening, so this is only a half of her abilities that she agreed to display to the audience. This bird never fails to blow us away, and the only question that remains to the viewers is the same: what is Einstein going to do next?

Her vocal range seems to be endless, and we would like the smart parrot to try herself in other imitations. She is too cool to be unnoticed, and you need to click on the video to see her answering the caretaker’s questions and generally behaving like she is the queen of the scene. We’ve found something to lift your mood!