Military Guys Perform Akwaaba Dance


May 25 — the day of liberation of Africa. On this day, the peoples of the continent annually sum up the results and outline the prospects for the further struggle to strengthen national independence and social progress. The army played an important role in this struggle.

They both in the past and today are an active force that exerts a great influence on the course of political processes, the restructuring of social structures, the development of the main directions of the domestic and foreign policies of African states.

According to foreign sources, the number of armed forces in Africa is more than 2 million people. The largest of them are the armies of Algeria, Angola, DRC, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa. The progressive role of the army can be seen in Benin, Madagascar, Ghana, Guinea and Mali.

Here, the transformation of military regimes into civil regimes took place with the direct participation of leading army circles. In Benin, for example, the army was always at the forefront of social and political life. In the conditions of transition from the military regime to civil society and the formation of a state of law, the military command seeks to establish “political neutrality” in the armed forces, the return of the military to the barracks, the implementation of reforms and the reduction of the army.

Military qualities such as discipline, devotion, fidelity to one’s duty, oath, and also love of the Motherland have always been inherent in the military. They must at any time stand up for the protection of their people and country. Even now, military people often have to risk their health, and sometimes their lives.

They must be ready to comply with any orders from the commander. The profession of the military is very honorable and important. Military — a respected profession, necessary, and most importantly heroic! There are military men and moments of rest when they go to the hostel and have some free time. Yes, these people should be strong heroes, but they are also people and sometimes they want to have fun.