Mom Records Dad Changing Baby’s Diaper And The Video Has Internet Dying Of Laughter


Though it’s common to think that it’s just the mother who looks after the babies and children in the family, that’s changing over time. More and more, dads are taking over child-rearing duties. Some are even stay-at-home dads while their wives go back to work. Even if that’s not the case, dads are becoming more hands-on in raising babies and are making an effort to participate in parenting.

I remember my dad trying to be as hands-on as possible when we were growing up. He’d be up in the middle of the night lulling us to sleep; he’d try mashing up peas and carrots and feeding them to us and also enduring the times that we’d spit our food right back out; and then there was the diaper change.

If you look at most people’s social media like Facebook, it’s easy to believe that parenting is simple. According to your friends’ photos, it’s all about adorable outfits and fun family outings that are perfect for taking pictures that have to be shared. Babies are cute little bundles of smiles and having a perfect family takes practically no effort at all.

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