Mom Sets Up Camera For Grandma, Instead Catches Husband In Act That’s Lighting Up The Internet


It’s hard for some mothers to let go and allow their husbands to run the show! But for Rugeana and her silly husband, things were as easy as pie.

Her husband’s willingness to watch the kids, participate in late-night diaper changes and the teaching of important life lessons was endearing. But, as every mother is, Rugeana was curious about what her husband did with the kids when she wasn’t home.

So she decided to find out for herself. She had no idea that a nanny cam would answer all of her questions…

It all began when Rugeana set up a camera so her mother could watch the girls playing when she wasn’t visiting. This seemed like the perfect way to keep Grandma involved even while she was hundreds of miles away!

But when Rugeana forgot to turn off the camera, it captured a heartwarming moment between her husband and their girls when she wasn’t home. First, her husband walked into the room with a laundry basket while their oldest daughter was dancing along to a pop tune.

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