Paddleboarders Get A Shock When Friendly Manatee Climbs Aboard To Say ‘Hello’


The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, but for some thrill-seekers and leisure hunters, it can be one of the most magical and interesting places in the world. Two paddle boarders were at sea off the coast of Florida when they found themselves deep in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a friendly manatee. A very curious and friendly manatee swam up towards their paddle boards and decided to kick back and relax with them for a short while.

Celine Chasteen and her friend were enjoying a relaxing paddle through the waters in Jupiter when two manatees popped up near them. At first, the paddle boarders were nervous and a little cautious. But one friendly manatee was ready to make their own introduction to the two girls.

Celine said that the “sea cow” was very playful and kept rolling onto its back. At one point, the manatee put its flippers up onto her board and relaxed with them. This rare interaction was caught on camera just in time before the manatees swam off. Manatees are a protected species. These two paddle boarders did the right thing by remaining calm and observing them. They should never be touched or pursued as that’s against the law. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission want to remind people of this.

If a manatee is choosing to avoid people, it should not be followed for a closer look. Celine and her friend found themselves bonding with a friendly manatee, but they did the right thing by observing only.