Parakeet Brothers Have a Full Conversation


Fabio and Gabriel are parakeets that are so adorable that you are going to love them the minute you spot the cuties in front of you. According to the owner, these two are very affectionate. They love giving kisses and practicing different sounds on camera. They can pronounce each other’s names and even ask you how you are doing, which is more than one phrase in English.

Although they are really clever and can outsmart other birds any time of the day, they are little troublemakers as well. To give them more freedom and allow the parakeets to roam around the house without restrictions, their parents are leaving the cage door open, which is always great to see, especially if you are a bird owner yourself.

You will also notice that both Fabio and Gabriel are extremely polite. They can chat with one another for hours, and when Fabio makes a kissing sound, Gabriel is grateful and compliments his sibling with elegance that can be rarely found among house pets. Parakeets can be really loud, especially if they don’t have enough room to interact, but these guys are so smooth that it is no wonder the tape already got more than 2 million views.

The duo belongs on a TV show, and they have their own YouTube channel, where the owner films their adventures and regularly posts updates on the life of the adorable parrots. Parakeets are very sociable, and if you want to adopt them for your home, experts recommend taking a pair.

Female birds can get really territorial, and if you are bringing males and females to your household, it means you are ready for an addition to the family. Male species are the best if you want to stay in the peace and quiet of your apartment without the little ones being too vocal.

Fabio and Gabriel love to learn new sounds, but they are so well-behaved that they will rarely start an argument, and if you don’t know what to do when you are left on your own, you can teach them the complicated expressions to boast in front of the guests. The parakeets below have been raised in a warm atmosphere, that’s why they show their love for each other regularly.

Even if their parents are not at home, they know that the little ones are safe. They are aware of the rules of etiquette and can easily interact with humans and animals they meet for the first time. Fabio and Gabriel are becoming the heroes of the day, and with their cheerful attitude and heartwarming dialogue, they are already making waves on social media.

These two have so many followers that we are looking forward to seeing more videos, featuring these vibrant fellows. Don’t forget to check them out now and prepare to hear a real conversation that already left the viewers stunned. The minute you see Fabio and Gabriel on the screen, you start swooning over the birdies. They are so fine that you can’t look away!