Parrot Was Minding His Own Business


Parrot Quaker and dog are trying to divide yogurt, or rather the remaining box of yogurt. And though the dog is much more of the feathered pet, the parrot did not take away agility and strength by taking away the jar. Cockatoos are not suited to sedentary lifestyles. He should have enough room for active movements such as flying, running, climbing, playing and hiding, so the cage must be extremely spacious.

Minimum cage size: length – 80 cm width – 80 cm height – 90 cm it is best to put the cage in a bright, protected from drafts place at a height of about one meter. We need to circulate fresh air around the cage. Fresh air is a necessary condition for the proper shedding process.

In the cage should be at least three perches with a diameter of 3-4 cm Shelves, perches, ropes, swings of different shapes and sizes, made of different materials must be placed at different levels. In the cell have to be twigs that parrot could chew, and calcium for grinding of the beak. Cockatoos need a variety of visual and intellectual stimulus.

To meet the needs of these curious beaks, give them the opportunity to have fun and develop themselves will help toys, but they should not be meaningless. The “right” toys for cockatoos the ones that make you want to parse (the pyramid puzzle), to sort out, to untie the knots, throw (rings, balls) and make sounds (bells, rattles). Toys must be made of safe materials: wood, coconut or sesame fiber or hard plastic.