Playful Panda Cub Uses Door as a Swing When It Opens and Closes. Have a Look.


Baby pandas are so adorable that you won’t be able to get enough of them once you see the cuties on the screen. The cub below is absolutely charming. He has been captured on camera in one of the national parks in China as the animal was trying to have some fun during the day. He saw that the caretaker is approaching and realized that now is the best time to start entertaining everyone around.

Fortunately, the onlookers had a camera to record the hilarious moment. The panda is hanging on the door while it is opening, and judging by his actions, enjoying the process to the full. We can’t say that the little one is too tired from doing what he loves, and at one point, he is trying to catch the attention of his caretaker.

The lady is standing next to him and watching another panda up in the tree. The cub is not featured in the scene, but since the woman is too busy getting him down, she doesn’t pay much mind to what is going on below. Her friend is tugging at her pants and trying to get her to hug him, but the handler tells the panda that now is not the time to play.

You will be enchanted by the animal’s expressions, and we think that his adorable clumsiness is the result of him running around all day and trying to become the center of the enclosure. Pandas tend to be very cheerful and energetic when they are small. The handlers need to watch them day and night, since they are unpredictable as well, but on the whole, the animals in the sanctuary are well-guarded and have time to entertain themselves even if the caretakers are not around at the moment.

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