Puppets Hilariously Argue Before Singing Beatles Classic “With A Little Help From My Friends”


If you’re an ‘America’s Got Talent’ fan, or just a fan of talent in general, then chances are you’ve heard of Darci Lynne Farmer. This young girl wowed the crowd of the reality singing competition with her initial audition and managed to go above and beyond in the semi-final too.

Her performance, posted on 19 September 2017, involves her two puppets which she uses to impress all with her ventriloquism, Petunia and Oscar—Petunia being a rabbit and an absolute diva, and Oscar being a slightly camera-shy mouse. Together, the trio causes a whole barrel of laughs and admiration.

The skit starts out with the two puppets having a playful argument, but soon they hash things out and manage to sing a beautiful duet together in perfect harmony. Their choice of song? ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ by the Beatles—a classic number for sure. The performance is not only hilarious but also completely inspiring.

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