Rescued Parrots Cracks Up His Owners With Infectious Laughter


We have been taught all our lives to no judge anything based on out appearance. We’ve been told that all that glitters is not gold, and never to judge a book by its cover. No matter how many times we are told this though, we tend to go by appearances first. We don’t like anything that isn’t “perfect”, and that can cause quite a big problem. The poor bird in the following video was unwanted by almost everyone because of his damaged beak.

Meet Cameron. This parrot is a survivor. He was found with part of his beak missing. He was found outdoors in Minnesota, and thankfully, nothing had happened to him when he was found by his rescuers. His new mom, Elizabeth, adopted him and gave him a second chance at life. He might not be “perfect”, but that doesn’t make him any less beautiful. This bubbly parrot has a great personality, and he keeps his family entertained with his hilarious antics.

Parrots are known to mimic the sounds they hear around them, so it’s not unusual for them to replay things they hear regularly. Cameron, however, must either have a funny owner or must be watching old horror movies! He was caught laughing an “evil” laughter, and it was just to hilarious not to get carried away by it? Where must he have learnt to laugh in such a menacing manner?

He did this non-stop for a while, and he seemed so pleased with himself! This funny guy has been watched over a million times already—now this is a solution to beat the blues.