Retirement Home’s Silly Rendition Of “Shake It Off” Is Cracking Everyone Up


Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular pop stars in recent years, and her song “Shake It Off” was a smash hit. Taylor’s funky costumes, funny facial expressions and awkward dance routines definitely made the video stand out.

The residents of the Julia Wallace Retirement Village were so wowed by the song that they actually decided to recreate the entire music video by themselves.

The final product is truly phenomenal! It starts out the same way Taylor’s did, with a woman popping her head up from a group of ballerinas and breaking out in song.

The elderly woman playing Taylor in the video perfectly lip syncs to Taylor’s part with all the lyrics as well. Apart from that, she also mimics the dance moves and gestures that Taylor did in the original video. She’s giving Taylor a run for her money!

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