Rock County 911 Show Dancing Skills to Uptown Funk


In Rock County, Wisconsin, open wellbeing officers extending from cops to paramedics to fire fighters as of late assembled to convey a colossal astonishment to the town. With Bruno Mars’ hit single “Uptown Funk” clearing the country with it’s snappy beat and hip verses, the Rock County specialists on call figured it would be just fitting to make a music video to the tune.

Presently we’ve seen recordings like this before on Shareably. Regardless of whether it’s the people at the East Bay SPCA of California completing an “Oaktown Pup” farce to attempt to bring issues to light for mutts anticipating appropriation or its the officers in Colorado lip-matching up Taylor Swift, these recordings eventually convey grins and chuckling to a large number of individuals around the world.

Be that as it may, what makes this specific video so unique is the way that the gathering here could get the whole town in on the activity. It’s astounding to see occupants taking an interest and working with each other to make a fun, paramount affair.

At the point when Uptown Funk was discharged I’m certain Mark Ronson couldn’t have foreseen how gigantically mainstream his appealing energetic melody would move toward becoming. In any case, he should be complimented by the sheer number of individuals around the globe who have gone ahead to imitate the tune recordings of their own.

From carrier chaperons and secondary school understudies and their educator to a person practicing on a treadmill, Uptown Funk has roused a huge number of individuals to get up and move!

What’s more, now we have the specialists on call of Rock County, WI tossing down with their own special lip name adaptation of the melody. The firefighters and cops “get down” and move in the roads and it’s certain to put a grin all over!