She Calls For Her Dogs


The orphanage in South Africa is home to a Rhino cub, who learned to understand the language of people and responds when the staff of the shelter call him. Rhino cub, living in a shelter in South Africa, learned to know his name and responds when his name is the staff of the shelter.

In the Internet appeared the video with the Rhino named Warren, who ironically runs on the track, but as soon as he hears his name, like a dog returns immediately back to the employee. On YouTube there was a video with a kid named Warren, who runs fun on the road, but immediately returns as soon as he hears that his name. Shelter workers now like to take a Rhino for a walk with dogs and are not afraid that he will run away from them too far.

As soon as Warren hears that he’s called, he rushes to the people from all over the world. Workers often take Warren when walking dogs. They are not afraid that he will flee far away, after all, smart Rhino has become very obedient. Black Rhino – a resident of dry landscapes, whether rare forests, shrub and acacia savannas or open steppes. Occasionally found even in the semi-desert. However, it does not penetrate the humid tropical forests of the Congo basin and West Africa.

In the mountains of East Africa, it is found at an altitude of 2700 m above sea level. The rhinoceros almost cannot swim, and a small water obstacles prove insurmountable for him. A well-known Rhino attachment to a specific territory, which he continues throughout life. Even severe droughts do not force this giant to migrate.