She Reaches Her Hand To Dance


For Vyacheslav and Olga Mozzhechkovy, dancing is a way of life. Ever since they’ve been together, they love to spend their days boogying along to music and swaying together.

Their passion for dancing was what led them to participate in the annual “Boogie Woogie Senior” showcase. They knew that they had a shot at winning the first place prize, but they didn’t know their performance would end up wowing people all over the globe.

As “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker started to play over the speakers, Vyacheslav and Olga stepped into place. They were ready to show the audience what they’ve got!

The moment the music got into full swing, Vyacheslav grabs Olga’s outstretched hand and pretended to use it as a microphone. This was just the buildup for the big moves coming up a few seconds later!

Sure enough, they broke out into an expertly executed routine that involved complicated moves people their age generally wouldn’t dream of trying! The audience was left in awe as Vyacheslav and Olga sashayed, slid, jived and boogied across the dance floor.

It was clear to all who were watching that the couple wasn’t going to spend the remainder of their days sitting around. They wanted to enjoy all that life had to offer!

As the music came to a close, the audience rose to their feet and gave Vyacheslav and Olga a standing ovation. This was the best dance routine they had seen in years and it came from two senior citizens!

The look on their faces is pure joy when the seniors’ routine wraps up. They show their appreciate for the adoring audience by throwing kisses and waving.

Take a peek at their showcase performance for yourself in the video below. Vyacheslav and Olga’s dance routine is proof that age truly is just a number!