Son Grabs Mom’s Hand When Their Favorite Song Comes On, Their Dance Is Lighting Up The Internet


Lance and Lucy Stevens have been dancing together since the moment Lance could walk. Whenever an upbeat tune came on the radio, his mother, Lucy, was there to swoop him up and and whip him around the kitchen!

So when Lucy couldn’t sleep one night, she snagged Lance (now an adult with two kids of his own) and turned on the radio. Now their incredible kitchen dance routine is going viral and once you watch it for yourself, you’ll understand why!

As soon as they click on the radio, “Dear Future Husband” starts to play loudly! This is the perfect song for Lance and his mother to swing to! It seems as if these two have been practicing, they’re so darn good, but they just naturally snap into the routine.

As Meghan Trainor sings in the background, Lance and Lucy bop, boogie and slide across the kitchen floor with the greatest of ease. Lance’s daughter cheers along from the side while another family member films the entire thing!

These two have some seriously smooth moves! They are absolutely hilarious to watch. Not just their dancing is impressive, but their facial expressions are simply adorable to watch.

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