Stressed Parrot Loses His Feathers


There’s nothing sadder than a neglected animal. And believe it or not, it really hits them hard. This neglected parrot found himself abandoned a few months ago.

He had passed through several foster families and they all returned him because he had some serious aggression issues.

Over time, this adorable looking creature became so stressed and overwhelmed that he started to pluck out his feathers.

Undeterred by his brutish behavior and slightly harrowing exterior, a kind-hearted woman decided to take him in. And surprisingly, his new mom managed to bond with him!

The little bird, which she lovingly named Chicken Man, has found a forever home with her and the pair couldn’t be happier.

Though Chicken Man was anxious at first, he started to warm to his new home and bonded with the family. Not only that, but his feathers started to grow back too!

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