The Man Stopped The Car And Approached Him… Bison, Who Decided To Have Dinner!


On YouTube, a movie with a man who embraces a huge bison in the car, reaching for a piece of bread, is gaining popularity. The video was posted by a user named Ryan, noting that he had sent a friend. He didn’t specify where it was taken.

The authors of the video went to travel, decided to look at the bison. The man, the hero of the video, decided to feed the bread passing next to the machine bison. But one of the animals was very insistent, Horny he began to climb into the car, stick out my tongue and reach for the girl, thus wanting to eat more food.

Fun, of course, but isn’t it dangerous to feed these multi-ton buffalos? Bison is a large wild bull, which has gained wide fame for its physical strength and size. Refers to the subfamily of the bullish family of short-lived.

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